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Common Block: Foundations and methods of terminology
The aim of this module is to master the foundations, methods and tools needed for terminology work in a context where digital technology is becoming increasingly important. This module will address how to analyse corpora for terminological purposes and how to represent conceptual systems in order to identify criteria which help in the drafting of terminological definitions.
  • Understand the theoretical and methodological foundations of terminology in the digital age.
  • Familiarisation with computer tools for terminology work.
  • Know how to write «good» definitions adapted to terminological needs.
  • Understand the role of norms and standards in terminology work.
Target audience
Anyone, professional, academic or otherwise, interested in the latest advances in terminology work.
  • Principles and methods of terminology: – Term, relationships between terms; – The role of terminology in international institutions.
  • Tool-based analyses of text corpora: – Contexts; – Contextual definitions.
  • Construction of conceptual systems: – Concept, conceptual relations; – Knowledge representation languages and environments.
  • Terminologies, vocabularies, nomenclatures, lexicons, dictionaries: – Criteria to assist in writing terminological definitions; – Writing terminology records.
  • Contribution of standardisation to the construction of terminologies.

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